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Annotations Of An Autopsy - The Reign Of Darkness

Merlin Alderslade
Merlin Alderslade 19 January 2010 at 14.00

Annotations Of An Autopsy - The Reign Of Darkness Cover

This is brutal stuff...

For such a heavy beast (and that’s no sly dig at vocalist Steve ‘The Big Fucking Meat’ Regan, by the way), Lowestoft’s Annotations Of An Autopsy haven’t half garnered a decent push in their bid to secure England’s status in the death metal stakes – and quite rightly so, given the crushing effectiveness of 08s debut album ‘Before The Throne Of Infection’. Fans of that particular record will find themselves at ease here, because ‘The Reign Of Darkness’ is more of the same; chugging, ferocious riffs, full-throttle machine gun drumming and Regan’s own trademark mix of gurgled, throat-shredding growls and Playdays-friendly lyrics (“Born dead / You making me fucking sick” from the particularly gruelling ‘Born Dead’ proves a nasty highlight in such respects). This is brutal stuff, but as with ‘...Throne Of Infection’, Annotations ably prove that they have more in their arsenal than chunky riffs, angry lyrical concepts and the occasional hook or two. Crank up slower, doom-laden instrumental number ‘VII: The Horror, The Destruction’ for an insight into the dark heart that really beats at the centre of this band, and there’s a chance that you might just start to see what the fuss is about. Fierce, relentless and thoroughly nasty.

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