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Angel Du$t - A.D.

Mike Kemp
Mike Kemp 11 June 2014 at 10.32

Angel Du$t - A.D. Cover

Justice from Trapped Under Ice has another band on the go, and this is their new album. Not quite sure it lives up to the TUI standards, though...

Yes, Angel Du$t are drawn from the ranks of Baltimore hardcore stalwarts Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile and Mindset, but anyone expecting more of the same from these chaps will be sorely disappointed. The band’s debut full-length is a short and sprightly affair (seriously, we’re talking 12 tracks in 14 minutes here) with a firm emphasis on energetic melodies and simple, catchy riffs. Breakneck punk rock numbers like ‘Let It Rot’ and ‘Stepping Stone’ are entertaining enough in a brainless kind of way, but as a whole, ‘A.D.’ feels a little too easy-going and lightweight for its own good.

Listen to 'A.D.' using the Deezer player below and make your own mind up!

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