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Anberlin - Dark Is The Way, Light Is The Place

16 November 2010 at 14.00

Anberlin - Dark Is The Way, Light Is The Place Cover

They’re naturals at what they do

From the second ‘We Owe This To Ourselves’ plays out it becomes obvious why Anberlin have shifted over 700,000 albums: they’re naturals at what they do. Imagine Emery twisted beyond their basic one-level sound and burnished with swarming guitars that one second lead into upbeat chorus-rock (‘Impossible’) and the next drop to the mid-tempo tenderness of ‘Down’. With Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, AC/DC) producing, Stephen Christian’s vocals cry out louder than ever across closer ‘Depraved’ and it proves that five albums in Anberlin have moved beyond the light of ’New Surrender’ to dabble with a more interesting, darker edge that borders on Circa Survive.

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