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American Head Charge - Shoot

Max Barrett
Max Barrett 2 September 2013 at 16.53

American Head Charge - Shoot Cover

Far from great, but a full-length album could be a different story...

Their first recordings in six long years, Minneapolis industrial metallers American Head Charge have fought through addiction and death; now resurrected, they’ve recorded this five-track EP. Opener ‘Writhe’ is hardly the sparking reintroduction you would expect, but thankfully ‘Set Yourself On Fire’ rectifies that with something of little more resemblance to the stomp of the ‘This Is War’ era. The following two tracks breeze by with minimal fuss, before the closing cover of Patti Smith’s ‘Rock N Roll N*gger’ at least ends the EP with a bit of swagger. It’s far from great, but a potential full-length could change that perception.

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