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Alexisonfire - ‘Old Crows / Young Cardinals’

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 22 June 2009 at 16.00

Alexisonfire - ‘Old Crows / Young Cardinals’ Cover

Alexisonfire have rung the changes on their fourth album...

Alexisonfire have rung the changes on their fourth album; labels have changed, members have married and the band’s brash quiet-loud dynamic has been refined into something much smarter, stronger and representative of their skill as musicians. On ‘Old Crows / Young Cardinals’ songs about go-karting are out and socio-political commentary is in as the band represent their present fears and concerns over eleven questioning tracks that take aim at America (‘Sons Of Privilege’), opponents of same-sex marriage (‘Accept Crime’) and ongoing plight of those damaged by the abrasive economics of modern society (‘Midnight Regulations’). In short, a great record and a great use of their platform.

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