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A Skylit Drive - Identity On Fire

Amy Bangs
Amy Bangs 10 February 2011 at 09.00

A Skylit Drive - Identity On Fire Cover

They’re doing more of what they do right

After venturing away from mass-appeal screamo and towards an original sound with 09’s ‘Adelphia’, A Skylit Drive’s third record is indicative of a band who’ve earned themselves far more than crossover appeal. With that in mind, ‘Identity On Fire’ is bookended with two tracks that don’t really represent the album accurately; while their polished industrial production is atmospheric to some ears, the songs could be by any metalcore band, and don’t give A Skylit Drive enough credit as to how they’ve developed over time. Once these are out of the way, though, the album uncompromisingly bridges their rock, electronic and metal influences into balance. Songs like ‘Conscience Is Not A Killer’ and ‘Xo Skeleton’ show that their melodic, pop-rock side can still draw on metal signatures – they just don’t have to be recycled blastbeat breakdowns. The other upside to this is that the finished product is more accommodating to singer Michael Jagmin’s high range; it’s not at all disparate amongst the screams and gang vocals on ‘Fuck The System’ and ‘Your Mistake’. Overall, they’re doing more of what they do right – impressively technical arrangements backed up by skilled musicianship and creative vocals – and minimising their limitations by thoroughly sounding like themselves.

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