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3OH!3 – ‘Night Sports’

Gav Lloyd
Gav Lloyd 12 May 2016 at 14.48

3OH!3 – ‘Night Sports’ Cover

Sadly no Katy Perry collaborations this time.

3OH!3 are back, but this isn’t the big, bold, brash return we’d been hoping for.

There are glimmers of former glories, be it the fun and floaty vibes of ‘Mad At You’ or the swag-filled splendour of ‘Inside Boy’, but the majority of this album falls into a frustrating middle-ground. At times overly serious and frankly dull on the likes of ‘Claustrophobia’, while the minimal beats and limp rapping also fail to ignite a party atmosphere on the more upbeat numbers. Moreover, the sexualised lyrics come across as embarrassing rather than shocking, the worst offender being ‘My Dick’ – the least funny willy-related song there’s ever been.

‘Night Sports’ is a gutsy attempt for the duo to make their mark in 2016, it’s just a shame they don’t quite get it right.

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