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36 Crazyfists - Collisions And Castaways

Richard Cartey
Richard Cartey 27 July 2010 at 15.21

36 Crazyfists - Collisions And Castaways Cover

Brock Lindow and co return with album five...

Displaying all of 36 Crazyfists’ now-trademark metallic posthardcore stance, ‘Collisions And Castaways’ heralds a very near return to the band’s glory days. This, the fifth biennial update since 02, shows little of the ‘A Snow Capped Romance’ hook frenzy that drew so many to the band’s cause. Instead, it plays akin to the harshness of ‘Rest Inside The Flames’ that criminally flew under the radar two years later. Though ‘Collisions And Castaways’ doesn’t possess immediately recognisable anthems, there are future set staples like ‘Death Renames The Light’ and ‘Reviver’ that brutalise with a hardcore power, while ‘The Deserter’ openly plays out a raw metallic thrash. These strong moments aren’t readily apparent on first listen, however. ‘Collisions And Castaways’ often finds 36 Crazyfists struggling to maintain a firm grasp upon the listener for the album’s initial rotations – a persistent trait of the Alaskans’ records. And while few tracks emote as perfectly as the best moments of debut album ‘Bitterness The Star’, there’s immense raw energy and passion poured into each track. It’s a testament to 36 Crazyfists’ skill that they consistently produce records of quality. And though by no means their best, ‘Collisions And Castaways’ is a very worthy instalment.

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