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22 - Plastik

Chris Hidden
Chris Hidden 12 July 2011 at 09.25

22 - Plastik Cover

Mix in a bit of Mew, a bit of Chiodos and a bit of The Mars Volta, and you've got 22...

Alt-rock in the truest sense of the word, the debut EP from Norwegian band 22 showcases a wealth of ideas, styles and approaches. Referencing everything from the nu metal of early Incubus to the atmospheric indie of Mew, the expansive theatrical rock of Chiodos, to the all-out prog assault of The Mars Volta, influences are worn clearly on sleeve but organised into an original, cohesive and well-rounded whole. The record also acts as a vehicle for the vocal talents of frontman Fox, whose soon-to-be trademark croon only adds a further cherry on top of this tasty musical treat.

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