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PHOTOS: Waterparks’ Biggest Ever Show Was Wild In All The Greatest Ways. This Is What It Looked Like

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 23 June 2022 at 17.30

Waterparks' biggest ever show felt fucking unreal. Jez Pennington was there to capture these photos.

'Waterparks at Brixton Academy' has a nice ring to it, huh?

Tonight feels like a moment of celebration for good people doing great things, of course, but also a victory for sheer, bloody-minded progression, and a band who have tried something new at every opportunity they could find.

It's an attitude that means their set spans a solid 20-odd songs that veer across all of the best, most diverse things Awsten, Geoff and Otto have produced over the years.

New song 'Funeral Grey' feels big and even newer(!) unreleased track 'Brainwashed' might just be the best pop rock song this band has ever written. There's room for the recently unearthed 'Telephone', (thanks, Heartstopper), a fuzzed-out 'Snow Globe' and a whole heap of pyro and CO2 cannons. And that's not even the half of it.

Once we build in snippets of 'Rare', a joyous rattle through 'Watch What Happens Next', a FaceTime call between Awsten's mum and a 5,000 capacity venue and a monstrous, filthy 'Turbulent', this is a bona fide moment.

For a lot of bands, playing a venue like this, to a reaction like this, would feel like part of a celebration lap. But not this one.

Instead, it kinda feels like Waterparks are just getting started.

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