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On The Road With HRVRD

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 4 April 2013 at 18.43

Rock Sound gets a look at life on the road for HRVRD in this series of personal shots taken on their recent US tour. Commentary on the pictures from the band themselves! All photos are by Daniel Alvarado / Dantek Images.

1. Jason by the water in New Orleans
"When on tour, we normally walk around and explore the city we are in. Here we went into some sort of factory by the water. Across the water was a view of New Orleans. The ships behind Jason were huge, it revealed to me how dangerous it would actually be to jump off a ship. This was also minutes before our guitarist was escorted off the premises by a police officer."

2. Jesse sitting out front of a thrift store
"We make a point to visit any thrift/consignment shop nearby the venues we're playing on tour. There were two nearby in New Orleans. You never know when you'll find an interesting instrument, hat, or painting."

3. HRVRD performing at Lustre Pearl at SXSW in Austin, TX
"We performed an improvised version of 'Black Creme' for FILTER in the Lustre Pearl at SXSW. We played right after picking out some free clothing from Dickies."

4. HRVRD at the AltarTV BBQ at SXSW in Austin, TX
"After playing four shows in two days at SXSW, we got to relax after our last showcase at this mansion a few blocks away. Best food we had at SXSW. This photo was taken right after mixing our very own drink for AltarTV called the Mr. Nobody."

5. Jesse looking out the window to the streets of San Fran
"This is right before making a journey to explore San Francisco a bit."

6. San Francisco
"We were hanging out at a friend's apartment showing him our new record before heading to the Bottom of the Hill venue. We normally rely on friends in every city for showers and floor space. We are not a band that wrecks hotel rooms."

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