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GALLERY: A Behind The Scenes Look At Knuckle Puck Working On New Songs In The Studio

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 2 December 2021 at 14.51

Step inside of Knuckle Puck's world as they work on new music.

Knuckle Puck have been working hard in the studio recording songs to follow up last year's full-length '20/20'. The first of those is out now, in the form of 'Levitate', by the way.

Anyway, the band took us behind the scenes for a look at how their time in there has been, and they've also answered some questions about it as well

When you first stepped into the studio, what do you feel as though your aim was?
"I think every time we record something new, we’re all on the same page of, 'this needs to top whatever came before it'. Along with that, was a feeling of ease and simplicity - we just wanted to make some really good KP songs."

How has that transpired into what you have been creating?
"It’s been nice riding that line between ease and pushing ourselves. We haven’t really felt the overpowering pressure of writing, but we’ve still maintained our edge in pushing ourselves to ensure whatever we’re making is more than worthwhile."

What did the '20/20' process teach you that you were able to provide?
"I think '20/20' taught us to trust our instincts while recording - we know what we like and what we don’t like, we’re very in tune with ourselves in writing and recording a song."

How did it feel to be back in the same space creating again?
"We were actually in a different space this time - when we did '20/20', we were in Seth [Henderson]’s old studio (the one we’ve been recording in for years), and this time we were in his new studio for the first time. The atmosphere all felt the same though and we were just as comfortable in his new studio as we were in his old studio."

What are you most excited about as you look towards the possibilities of 2022?
"Playing shows with my friends again, touring in the US as well as internationally, writing more and recording more."

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