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Yungblud’s New Single Is Coming, And He’s Launched A Website With Daily Teasers

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 15 January 2019 at 09.43

'Loner' is incoming.


At the end of last year Yungblud surprised everyone by dropping the bombshell that he's got a brand new song, ready to release.

But that wasn't all- he also dropped a teaser, live on air at BBC Radio1, and we've all been hyping since. 

Yesterday Yungblud kicked the teasing up a notch, by sharing a brand new website

The website is revealing a series of teasers, every day in the lead up to this Friday. Currently unlocked is a personality test, and a limited edition merch item (hidden behind password protection- but here's a hint: check the song title). 

This all appears to be leading up to the release of the highly anticipated new single 'Loner' this Friday... But for now, an official announcement is still incoming. 

The timing all makes sense though- it was only last week that he shared “I wanna drop something right away. Right now." 

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