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YUNGBLUD’s Cover Of ‘Life On Mars?’ Has Soundtracked NASA’s Perseverance Rover Landing On Mars

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 19 February 2021 at 13.38

Come on. How much more amazing could it get?

At the start of the year, YUNGBLUD took part in 'Just For One Day', a celebration of the life and music of David Bowie. The part he played in the stacked event was singing the classic track 'Life On Mars?' with Bowie's band. It's an incredible version which felt like a proper full circle moment for Dom and his musical journey. 

Well, if you weren't already aware, NASA have just launched a new Rover called Perseverance into space to land on Mars and collect samples from the surface to try and uncover any ancient life, helping us move ever close to the possibility of humans being able to visit. 

To complete the launch, Dom's version of the track, which had been offered to NASA by the David Bowie estate, was played to hundreds of thousands watching as the rover touched down on the surface. 

How absolutely incredible is that? 

YUNGBLUD had this to say about the opportunity:

"To sing the pinnacle song by an artist that truly defined my whole existence, in a search for extraterrestrial existence was one of the best moments of my entire life. The punx went to Mars!"

You can watch the moment the track was played below:

Utterly amazing.

And here's Dom's own 'mars':

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