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YUNGBLUD Has Posted A Video Teasing Something That’s Happening This Thursday

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 15 September 2020 at 19.57

Is the new era about to be announced?

has a very interesting and beautiful video on all of his socials. 

The video finds Dom dressed up in an array of different outfits, some that we have already some seen and some brand new, as he recites a beautiful monologue. 

That monologue is:

"What does it mean to be weird? That beautifully fucked up name. Is it a name of celebration? Is it a name of pain? I think that decision lies with us and us alone. The thing about human beings is that we forget that we're all 15 different people at any one moment. We don't know which version of ourselves that we're going to wake up to. I spent so much time fighting and silencing those people who made up who I am because I was afraid of what the outside world would think about me. If you remain silent to the people inside yourself then you'll remain silent to everybody else. Embrace the strange, celebrate the abnormal and allow every part of yourself to speak, sing and run around in circles. What does it mean to be weird? To be weird is to be different and extraordinaially free. To me, to be weird is the best thing you can fucking be."

The video comes with the caption "What does it mean to be weird!? finally, it all begins thursday. it’s here. ill see you there. u ready?"

So what's coming? New song? Second album announcement? Something incredibly special? We will have to wait and see. 

Until then, have a listen to 'Weird!':

And 'Strawberry Lipstick':

And 'Lemonade':

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