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YUNGBLUD Has Announced The Details Of His New Album ‘Weird!’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 17 September 2020 at 13.27


Credit: Tom Pallant

After months of build-up, track drops and teasing, YUNGBLUD has announced the details of his second full-length album. 

'Weird' is set for release on November 13.

Dom had this to say about the album:

“It’s a story of coming-of-age and self-acceptance and liberation, in terms of sex and gender and drugs and heartbreak and all the other twists and turns we go through in life.

“I hope it makes people feel like it’s okay to feel out of place or twisted or weird, because life is weird—but that’s what beautiful about it. So don’t ever try to live it as someone else. Live it as you.”

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting looks like this:

01. Theresa
02. Cotton Candy
03. Strawberry Lipstick
04. Mars
05. Superdeadfriends
06. Love Song
07. God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out
08. Ice Cream Man
09. Weird!
10. Charity
11. It’s Quiet In Beverley Hills
12. Freak Show

You can listen to 'God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out' right now:

Recognise that title from somewhere?

The album will also feature 'Strawberry Lipstick':

And of course 'Weird!':

When we spoke to Dom earlier this year he had a lot to say about what to expect from . You can read the full interview HERE but here's a little snippet:

How has what YUNGBLUD is on a personal level adapted within that then?
“I’ve grown up, a lot. I was so angry on the first album. The world didn’t want to know me. The world didn’t care. The world wanted me to change or die. I wasn’t prepared to do that. So I found a community of people who were my family and I realised ‘How the fuck can I actually be angry anymore?’ I’ve got all of these people who love me and I love them back. It changed my perspective on life and made me look inwards. It made me address things about myself that I wouldn’t normally or think that I was allowed to.

“If the first album was a beam of light then this album is a fucking laser beam. I just want people to feel things as much as they did with the first one but with gasoline on it. This album is about your heart and how that changes. People forget about the heart in this day and age. It’s always about your fucking head. Nah man, you’ve got to protect your fucking heart.”

It feels as though one of the main differences is how with ‘21st Century Liability’ you were able to make that record behind closed doors and of your own accord. With this one, you’ve had to make these discoveries about yourself whilst in the public eye…
“Absolutely! This album is going to feature my first heartbreak song. It’s about the first time I ever properly loved someone and I had my heart ripped out of my chest and it was all over the fucking Internet. I nearly lost my mum, she was in a car accident, and that was all over the Internet. I’d be going out and going to the shops and there would be a camera following me. It’s really fucking crazy."

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