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Yours Truly Have Released A New Song

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 16 April 2020 at 09.56

How's your 'Composure'?

Yours Truly have released a new song. 

'Composure' is the first new music from the band since the release of the 'Afterglow' EP last year. 

Vocalist Mikaila Delgado has explained the roots of the track:

"'Composure' is about trying to keep your cool at the end of a relationship and how difficult it can be. It’s natural to be upset, angry and a million different other emotions at once," she says. "I wrote it at a time when I really needed to reclaim my self worth after losing so much of it, I was over being miserable waiting for acceptance."

Have a watch and a listen below:

Absolutely lovely. 

To get you all caught up, here's the title track from 'Afterglow':

Here's 'I Can't Feel':

Here's 'Circles':

And here's 'High Hopes':

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