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Your Demise Are Teasing… Something…

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 8 October 2019 at 15.09

Is 2019 going to be known as the year of the comeback?

After six long years, it looks like Your Demise might be reforming.

Back in April 2013, the lads in Your Demise amicably parted ways, citing that they all thought that they had taken the band as far as it could go. 

They reformed a few years back for a one-off benefit show, to raise money for The Ghost Inside to aid in their recovery, following their life-changing and deadly bus crash in 2015. But since then, everything has been very quiet on the Your Demise front.

But something is stirring... and that something is the Your Demise Twitter account... 

It all started with a fan reminiscing, and lamenting how much they miss Your Demise, before throwing down the idea of a 2020 comeback show.

Which sparked a response from Your Demise drummer James Tailby.

And then the official Your Demise Twitter account weighed in, simply posting the artwork of their 2010 album 'The Kids We Used To Be...'. Suspicious.

But wait - there's more. The official Your Demise Twitter also retweeted the above interaction between the fan suggesting a 2020 comeback show, and James.

Then just for good measure, they also posted the album artwork on Facebook.

Also, for your consideration - 'The Kids We Used To Be...' would be turning 10 years old next year, and nothing is more on-trend than an anniversary tour.

Could we be about to witness the comeback of Your Demise? Signs point to maybe. 

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