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Young Culture Have Released A Colourful New Track ‘Hum’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 21 June 2021 at 11.35

A truly lovely band.

Young Culture have released a brand new song, and it's ready-made for the summer.`

It's called 'Hum' and is a bright and beautiful slice of sun-stained pop rock made for late nights and long days.

Plus the band worked alongside Benjamin Leiber and Miguel Barbosa, and had Neck Deep's Matt West take care of the animation, to bring the song to life visually.

The band commented this:

“’Hum’ was one of the first songs we wrote following our first full-length. Going into the studio to record it felt so natural, and it really just worked itself out. This song paints such a vivid picture of joy, so when we went to make a video, we knew we wanted to collaborate with Ben & Miguel. They brought Matt onto the team, and the rest of the video process was just as easy as creating the song in the studio. They helped us bring our vision to life in the best way possible.”

Benjamin had this to say about the video's creation:

“Miguel & I had this wild concoction of colors & greenery in our heads; we wanted the video to feel like a visual representation of the way a feel-good song like this brings your emotions, your energy, your vibe up and into the clouds,” shares Lieber. “There’s a really beautiful connection between Troy, Alex and Gabe, which only fueled this idea more. Matt really brought our wild ideas to larger-than-life scale; an incredible team effort by everyone involved.”

Miguel added this:

"This was a full team effort. Ben, Matt and I worked from 3 different time zones. PST/EST/BST. Matt would finish his day first, then I would be tagged in for an editing pass after Ben calls it a night. Hum is such a great song to pair this crazy creative to."

And West this:

"3 time zones = an unstoppable team. The future truly is now, very thankful for Ben and Miguel for getting me on board with the project, and a big thanks to Young Culture for trusting us all with the video.”

Here we go:

The band released their debut album 'Young Culture' last year via Rude Records.

We chatted to vocalist Alex Magnan all about it around its release, which you can catch up with HERE. Here's a little snippet:

So what does Young Culture mean to you and how has that changed in the lead up to this release?
“That’s a pretty crazy question really. I know what it was. I know when we came up with the name, Gabe and me both had these lists of names and somehow we both had Young Culture. From there, it’s grown to be absolutely everything that we are. We’re just a bunch of fun loving guys who like to party and play music and hang out with our friends. To me, that’s what Young Culture is.

“Now with us putting out the ‘Young Culture’ album, it’s more of what’s it going to mean from here on out? I’m 22 now and arguably I’m becoming a young adult, or even an adult. Young Culture is forever going to be the band, but I know for a fact that it’s a whole entire vibe. It encompasses everything that we have been up until now. Simply, I think it will always just feel right.”

Vibe is the right word, and that’s what this album possesses the most. How did you grab onto that vibe on this album more so than you have in the past?
"I would say that putting together our last EP ‘(This Is) Heaven’ was the first time during my life that I felt like I was actually becoming that young adult rather than a teenager. It was by far the most turbulent time of my life, like a really tough time. Aside from all the great things that were happening with the band, it was so bad. I was going through terrible depression and terrible anxiety, which I had never dealt with at that level before, and the five songs on that EP were all about me struggling. Even the name ‘(This Is) Heaven’ was supposed to be ironic because it was anything but that. They were some of the darkest songs we had ever written because of that.

"Shortly after that I felt like I started to find my way. Struggles never really end but putting together ‘Young Culture’ was a turn. It was a flip of the coin. It became where I wanted to be. It’s funny because some of the songs on this album we already had written back then but I was just not about them. It was scary at the time. Yet now that we’re here and we’ve actually made them, it feels so good."

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