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You Need To See These Incredible Fall Out Boy Baseball Cards From The ‘Take This To Your Grave’ Era

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 26 February 2020 at 11.09

These date back to the very beginning of the band and are awesome.

The coolest merch is always the merch that you don't expect to actually exist.

In this instance, who expected that Fall Out Boy had their own baseball cards?

Well thanks to Twitter user @tommymcphail we know now such an incredible item exists. 

It appears as though the original vinyl pressing of the band's debut full length 'Take This To Your Grave' included 6 beautiful baseball card style artprints of the band and Tommy was kind enough to share them with the world. 

SO, here we go. 

First there's an alternative cover for the album. Messy room.

Highlights include the band's genre being listed as 'Softcore' and a nod to their previous hardcore projects Arma Angelus, Racetraitor and Kill The Slavemaster:

Next up there's Andy Hurley, with a Gandalf quote:


Then Joe Trohman, influenced by both Carcass AND food:

Now we have Patrick Stump, or xstumpx:

And then Pete Wentz, who professes his love for girl jeans and Tim Burton: 

And finally a band promo to round things off:

Iconic in every possible way. The world is a better place to live in knowing things like this exist. 

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