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You Need To Check Out This New You Me At Six Track

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 16 August 2019 at 09.32

"So tell me what's it like, being perfect all the time?"

Ahead of their appearance on the Reading & Leeds Festival main stage next weekend, the lads in You Me At Six have released a brand new single - 'What's It Like'.

'What's It Like' marks the first new music from You Me At Six since the release of their 2018 album 'VI', and is a bit of a sonic departure from, well... anything you've heard from You Me At Six before. Which isn't a criticism - there's a lot of risk-taking going on in this track, and it pays off.

“‘What’s It Like’ is us flexing our creative muscles. Combining our favourite genres and bringing them together in one track," shared frontman Josh Franceschi. "For me lyrically, it’s looking at our society in parts in 2019. I definitely feel as though we are living in a time where we’ve lost our way a little bit. There are great innovators and pioneers which we can rely on, but there is also a feeling of the blind leading the blind and a lack of humility present. Within the title and the chorus I sort of poke fun at those who are libertines or self serving - ‘what’s it like being perfect all the time?’. Life’s not a competition, but people have a tendency to play it out that way.”

Check out You Me At Six' brand new single 'What's It Like' below:

So with a brand new You Me At Six single, does that mean this will be the closing song at their Gunnersville set? 

You Me At Six are set to headline Gunnersville next month in Gunnersbury Park, London, where they'll be playing all of their singles in chronological order. Get all the info on that here.

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