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You Me At Six’s Josh Franceschi Is Teasing The Release Of Some Solo Material

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 2 July 2020 at 10.11


It looks as though You Me At Six's Josh Franceschi is set to release some solo material. 

Last night (July 01) he tweeted a photo of some artwork with the caption "coming in hot". The artwork was for a release called 'Songs I Wrote A Decade Ago':

And now he has confirmed that four songs will be up on his Instagram at 6pm tonight (July 02). Those tracks are called ‘Life With Strangers’, ‘Timezones’, ‘Cave In’ and ‘No One Should Play God’

Roll on 6pm then eh?

You Me At Six released a single earlier in the year called 'Our House (The Mess We Made)', that sounded like this:

We chatted to Josh around the release of the single about everything and anything. You can read the full piece HERE but here's a little snippet for ya:

What’s on the horizon in terms of new music being released?
"Honestly, all bullshit aside, I couldn’t even tell you because it’s just not finished. I don’t want to overly tease our fans by saying ‘we’ve got new music coming this year and it’ll be out at some point’ - I just don’t want to do that. I’m hoping that everything will come together in the way that we want it to for either the end of this year, or very very very early next year - it just depends on how it all comes together. But we haven’t even got any touring plans, really. Which is a strange start to the year for us, just sort of piecing it together - we might do a bunch of festivals or we might not. We’re just trying to piece together this album carefully, because we’ve literally been working on it since the week we released ‘VI’ - it’s already been quite a work in progress for the best part of almost two years, so we just want to really focus on getting it right. We’re close, but we’re not there yet."

When we spoke to you at 2000 Trees Festival, you mentioned that the music you were working on was sounding "emo AF" - is that still the case?
"My lyric writing is always going to be a bit emo, because that’s just my mood basically. I would feel confident in saying that the stuff we have finished definitely embodies the spirit of You Me At Six the most probably since ‘Sinners [Never Sleep]’, which stands out to me as an album where we really got everything on the record that felt right. I think that’s probably where we’re at. I think we’ll be able to discuss it more when we understand it better as an entire body of work, but I’m looking forward to us having this conversation when it’s done, because I have a lot to tell you."

Looking towards the next decade, what excites you? Where do you hope you are in 2030?
"To be brutally honest, I’m surprised that I’m still in this band and that this band is still a thing in 2020. It’s the most beautiful surprise ever. I would love to think that in a decade’s time we would be approaching 40, but we’d still be making music under this umbrella, and having this crazy conversation about how we’ve been a band for 25 years - that would be pretty fucking sick. But you know, again it’s one of those things where the world will tell you if they need you or not. When the world stops caring about what we’re doing is when we’ll stop."

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