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You Me At Six Recording Album Two?

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 29 April 2009 at 14.44

Rock Sound can confirm that You Me At Six are recording new material at Outhouse Studios.

Rock Sound can confirm that You Me At Six are currently recording new material with John Mitchell at Outhouse Studios in Reading.

''Well, I wouldn’t say we’re recording album number two but we’re definitely recording on the sly to see what our new stuff sounds like,'' admitted You Me At Six vocalist Josh Franceschi when Rock Sound spoke with him recently.

''At the moment we’re doing these songs with people we know and trust, people that genuinely care about our band. If it sounds good enough or if we get what we want out of the sessions then we’ll use these recordings for the album. We’ve spoken to some other producers too, I wish that I could tell you who they were but I can't. Either way we are planning to have a new album out by March next year.''

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