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World Exclusive Coheed & Cambria Interview In Rock Sound Issue 158

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 3 February 2012 at 13.42

We get Claudio Sanchez talking about the band's special new record.

After one of the most turbulent years in their existence (and that's putting it mildly), Coheed & Cambria have returned to the studio with a new lease of a life and an old face as drummer Josh Eppard rejoins a band with all eyes on what they do next.

With a point to prove frontman Claudio Sanchez spoke exclusively (sorry, WORLD EXCLUSIVELY) to us about the band's rebirth in the latest issue of Rock Sound: "To an extent it certainly feels like we've got a second wind," he admits. "Despite everything that has happened not only over the last year but over the last few years, we're still here and that's quite something. I've been really reluctant to do any interviews about this record because it's so important for us, but I really do feel that there's a confidence and a powerful creative energy flowing out of the studio at the moment. I think that this record is going to be something special."

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