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Woes Have Dropped A Brand New Single, And Have A Brand New Guitarist

Naomi Sanders
Naomi Sanders 9 April 2019 at 13.55

Something new from the Woes camp? Excitement!

Less than a year after the band released their EP, 'Self Help', Scottish pop-punk band Woes are back at it again, this time with new member, Luke Bovill, joining them as guitarist!

The band released their new single 'Suburbs', accompanied by a music video featuring the band putting together and taking away bits of furniture as vocallist David Jess sings to the camera.

Check out 'Suburbs' below:

Speaking about the new song, Jess said "'Suburbs' was the first track we wrote when Luke joined the band. The song is about having a relationship with someone, in your home town or wherever. Then moving away and losing contact with them and wondering what they're up to, if they're still there [and] if you went back if they'd be pleased to see you."

“There is definitely a conscious effort to start expanding our sound, to bring in different instruments and elements that we haven’t used before,'' he continued. “We love loads of modern hip hop and RnB, which is something we plan to explore more in 2019. We also like incorporating math-rock and prog chords and progressions into our instrumentals… But we still want that pop punk energy live”. 

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