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Will Gould On Creeper’s Dramatic On-Stage Break-Up: “Everything Had Been Building Up To That Moment”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 5 February 2020 at 10.39

“Some of the pictures I saw from that show broke my heart." - Ian Miles

Creeper are on the cover of Rock Sound this month, telling the full tale of their upcoming album 'Sex, Death & The Infinite Void'. Dive into the void, and the world of Annabelle and Roe now at SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV

Cast your mind back to November 2018. Maybe you were even there for the moment Creeper announced their breakup on the stage of London's iconic Koko. It was a move that surprised everyone, even the most hardcore Creeper fans. Inside their cover feature, Will Gould, Ian Miles and Hannah Greenwood reflect on the moment they 'broke up', the fan reaction, and everything coming to a complete stop.

“Everything had been building up to that moment,” considered vocalist Will Gould just over 12 months on from the Koko show. “I’d planned that show for a year in advance, maybe longer. There were so many moving parts, we had to get out of the building before the show finished, so I had just been focusing on the illusion, I suppose.

“Then suddenly afterwards in the van, this quiet hit me. It was like going up to 100, and then being sucked right back down again. The really weird thing was that we didn’t have the jackets - I kept thinking, ‘Where are the jackets? Where are the jackets?’ It was this confusion of emotions, and I didn’t know where to even begin.”

“It felt like when Will and I’s last band [Our Time Down Here] split up, that sense of, ‘Ah God, what are we going to do next?’” agreed guitarist Ian Miles. "The difference was, I wasn’t upset about what was coming next, but excited. We were saying goodbye to a really big chapter of our lives... but also powering on forward into the next thing.”

“Some of the pictures I saw from that show broke my heart,” he added. “We got back and saw photos of all these people on the barrier crying, and then started getting emails about how unhappy some fans were with what we did. But I definitely felt like we needed to make a bold statement.”

“Sometime in the first couple of weeks after it happened, I woke up one day and was like, ‘Oh god, have we made the right decision?’” recalls vocalist and keyboardist Hannah Greenwood. “We got a few angry tweets and emails, and that was really hard because we didn’t want to upset anybody. I remember messaging Will and saying, ‘I feel awful, was that the right decision?’ But ultimately it definitely was. It had the impact that we wanted it to have, and when we came back it was even more exciting. We’d toured extensively for two and a half years, which takes a toll on anybody. Although we didn’t initially plan on going away a whole year to the day, we all definitely needed some time off from the band - so we could come back stronger.”

“Over that album we’d never really had time to sit back and reflect,” Ian agreed. “Life on tour is a bubble, and suddenly? It popped.”

This is just a tiny taster. Check out Creeper's cover feature for their full interview, and brand new photoshoot:


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