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While She Sleeps Have Announced A Very Intimate UK Tour For Next Year

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 19 October 2020 at 17.04

Experience 'Sleeps Society' in some very small rooms. 

After announcing their new album 'Sleeps Society' alongside a new fan-fuelled business model last week, While She Sleeps have now announced a tour. And they will be playing in some VERY small rooms. 

Check them out below:

MAY 2021

02 - GLASGOW Stereo
06 - LEICESTER Academy
07 - BIRMINGHAM Asylum
08 - BRIDGEND Hobos
14 - LEEDS Key Club
19 - LONDON Underworld
23 - BRIGHTON Chalk

Tickets will be on general sale next Monday (October 26) BUT if you're a Sleeps Society member they will be on early access sale on this Wednesday (October 21)

So yeah, have you joined the Sleeps Society yet? You can right HERE

And here's the title track from the album of the same name, which is being released on April 21 2021:

We chatted to guitarist Mat Welsh all about the inspirations behind the initiative and everything in between. You can check that out in full HERE but here's a little snippet:

How has all of this come together then? It feels like it’s something you’ve been trying to put together for a long time…
“This is something that we had the initial idea of quite a few years ago. We’ve always been waiting to do it, but there were complications and situations that stopped us. There have been a couple of points where we have been faced with a ginormous amount of debt. The sort of financial issues where you should be considering whether you should throw the towel in basically. So for the last couple of years we’ve really been trying to overcome that in the hope that we can get on track and make the band a sustainable career. We’re so far down the rabbit hole we will refuse failure because we’ve put so much into it. This is our life.

“That’s when we said, ‘How do we craft this ourselves and make it work?’ We had this idea before where we wanted to change the model. All we kept coming round to was realising was how much the current model doesn’t work. The way we consume music has changed, but the model for releasing it has stayed the same. So how do we change it and make it work for the artist? We came to the conclusion that we have so much to offer inside of the band. We’ve got everyone’s collective knowledge of the last 15 years, so how do we share that and show people how to get where we are now but without the ups and down we’ve had to go through? By harnessing the power of the fans and explaining to everybody exactly how it is but then also providing something that actually feels worth it, you can show people that they can help the bands they love by directly supporting them.

“We’ve got such a crazy community and our fans know exactly how important they are to us. It’s a very inter-dependent relationship. So this was about making something cool but also making something that’s a little bit bigger than the music. We wanted to make it all about a whole method that we can then show other people how bands like us can change the way that they survive. I want people to say, ‘I followed the Sleeps model and we made a career out of it’."

In many ways, the core of what this is has existed within Sleeps from the very beginning. Even ten years ago people were looking at how you operated and saw how ahead of the curve you were for a heavy band. Then there’s what you did with ‘You Are We’. The only barrier to this not happening earlier is the old system...
“That’s what has been so weird really. We’ve always had the idea there. Though when we were in America at the start of the year on tour, we said that we were going to come home with a plan and how to actually do it. Even then we knew what we wanted to call it. It was always going to be ‘Sleeps Society’. We don’t fit into society and we never have. We’ve spent all of our lives trying to fit in and we don’t, so let’s make our own and hope that people feel the same. It becomes this counterculture.

“It was at the end of that tour when the world spiralled out of control. We had the end of the tour actually cancelled and we had to spend £10,000 to fly us all and our crew back home. It was a really scary ending. Then we were back we said, ‘Fuck, what do we do?’ So that’s when we decided to just channel all of our energy into this thing we wanted to make. If touring is stopping, then this is now falling into place because we now actually need to do this thing that we’ve been talking about forever.

“After that we had the realisation that, ‘Shit, none of this is coming back to normal as soon as we wanted it to’. It all aligned really quickly. At first it was about finding a new route to sustainability for bands and artists. Then all of a sudden if there’s no live music it was about filling a void. This relationship that bands and fans have together is dead in the water without live music, but the bands aren’t ready to stop. So how do fill that void and recreate that connection of the live show? How do we make our supporters feel like they’ve still got that connection that they usually get from shows alongside all of the other people who are at those shows? That’s the world that we all live for after all. It’s gone from sustainability to providing a home for this community now that we can’t go out and do it together.”


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