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When Jay Weinberg Joined Slipknot His Dad Reportedly “Flipped His Sh*t”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 4 September 2019 at 10.05

In a good way! IN A GOOD WAY.

It's one of those stories that feels like a work of fiction: 10 year old kid is introduced to his favourite band by his father, then 14 years later joins said band as their full time drummer. Except it isn't fiction - it's Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg's life. 

The story itself isn't new - Jay talked about it in a video earlier this year, discussing his journey with Slipknot. The moment he met Slipknot was even recreated by Jay, his father and Jim Root earlier this week (very wholesome content).

Now, Jay has talked in more detail about joining the band - and more specifically, how his dad reacted to the news after introducing him backstage at a show 14 years prior. 

Jay answered a whole lot of fan questions submitted by the Slipknot official fan club, and when asked how his dad reacted to the news he shared, "I don't know if he believed me, to be honest."

He had flown out to Los Angeles to audition for the band in 2014, but was forced to keep it secret from everyone (including his father) - eventually sharing the news that he was in the band.

"Once I did, he was very happy considering this is a band that he introduced to my life," Jay shared. "I'm sure I would have crossed the path of Slipknot's music at some point, but he really made that initial connection between myself and the members of the band. So for him to have done that for me, and did me that solid of introducing me to these guys at nine or 10 years old, and then 13 - 14 years later, I joined the band - he was overwhelmed and overjoyed, I'm sure."

He continued, "It's something we still talk about to this day when certain benchmarks are met, or certain interesting things are happening - like playing on late-night TV, where I grew up watching him work and stuff like that, and now we're on a late-night TV program. It's very interesting. So, yeah, when I first told him I was joining Slipknot, I think he flipped his shit."

Check out Jay's full Q&A below:

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