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What Are We Were Sharks Up To?

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 13 January 2021 at 11.30

Let Us Heal You.

We Were Sharks have been very cryptic over the last week. 

It all stems around this website

If you were to click on that very link, you'll be taken to a page advertising a mindfulness retreat that shows off the facilities and promises that "It is our will for you to be healed, whole, complete and saved."

There's also the opportunity to sign up to the programme and get hold of the member's clothing for yourself. For a price of course.

The band have also been advertising the retreat via a selection of tweets.

Ultimately, it all leads to the band's new single 'Bring Me Down', which can be pre-saved ahead of its release. 

The track, when it drops, will serve as a follow-up to 'Shameless', which was released late last year:

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