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What Are Stand Atlantic Up To?

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 June 2020 at 16.03

It is all happening. 

Stand Atlantic appear to be up to something. 

Why do we say that? WELL, if you head over to Spotify and click on any of the band's last four singles, those being 'Shh!', ''Hate Me (Sometimes)', 'Wavelength' and 'Drink To Drown', you see this image flickering...

And the other day bassist Miki Rich tweeted this...

And now the band have tweeted saying that their new era begins on June 24. 

WELL THEN. It is all happening. 

Until then, have a catch up with our Video Call with Bonnie Fraser

And pick up a copy of the band's debut album 'Skinnydipping' from our mates over at Impericon from right HERE

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