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Weezer To Play ‘Pinkerton’ In Its Entirety?

Ben Patashnik
Ben Patashnik 18 August 2010 at 15.44

And alongside new album 'Hurley' there's also a brilliantly-titled rarities collection and a deluxe reissue of 'Pinkerton' on the way. You wait ages for one Weezer record and then three come along...

File this under seriously awesome news.

Weezer guitarist Brian Bell has spoken of the band's plans to reissue much-loved second album 'Pinkerton'. Not only that, but there are plans for a tour where the band would play said record in its entirety.

"We have a reissue of ‘Pinkerton’ coming out with new packaging and, I'm praying, a ‘Pinkerton’ tour, where we'll play all the songs off ‘Pinkerton’" said Bell.

"We [also] have a rarities album of unreleased tracks called ‘Death To False Metal’" he revealed, although stopped short of giving a release date for either project.

'Pinkerton', which originally came out in 1996, remains something of an unknown quantity in terms of Weezer's back catalogue. Deemed a commercial 'failure' at time of release - mainly because it didn't live up to The Blue Album's success - and a much more introspective, damaged listen, frontman Rivers Cuomo has veered between publicly saying he hated it at the time to this apparent thawing towards it. What's undeniable is that since its release, Weezer have become a noticeably perkier band (consider: the last single from 'Pinkerton' was 'Pink Triangle', which is about the doomed romance of falling in love with a lesbian while the first from The Green Album was 'Hash Pipe', which is about, er, getting bombed), perhaps due to Cuomo reticence to open himself up to such a degree.

For more on Weezer, including a rare interview with Rivers Cuomo about the band's debut, check out Rock Sound issue 139, onsale now.

In the video interview, which you can see below and which was unearthed by Alternative Press, Bell talks about the process of recording new album 'Hurley'.

Are we excited about this? WE ARE EXCITED ABOUT THIS.

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