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WATCH: We The Kings’ Loved Up Video For Their Track ‘No 1 Like U’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 9 February 2021 at 13.30

The band released their new EP 'Saga' last Friday.

We The Kings
are back with a brand new EP called SAGA', with each song based around a different album from their discography. 

One of those songs is 'No 1 Like U', which now has a video to go along with it. 

Telling the classic boy meets girl story through the lens of a couple of neighbours as the band play on the TV set in each of the character's rooms, it's has a real throwback feel and one in which the band thrive in. 

Check it out for yourself below:

So yeah, 'SAGA' is out now. 

It also features 'These Nights', which sounds like this:

We spoke to vocalist Travis Clark all about the band's past, present and future. You can read the full piece HERE, but here's a little snippet:

We The Kings has always been about keeping the important things in life at the forefront but always pushing forwards and staying as fresh and modern as possible. To be able to combine that in this way at this particular time is something that becomes timeless. It’s not easy either…
“We have known from the very first day that we started this band that we wouldn’t be able to make without people supporting us, be that friends, family or fans. Without that support you can’t do it. I hear artists say all the time, ‘We’re just doing us. This is who we are and we don’t care about anything else’, but you still need to have people support you. Why not add that support into your lives?”

And it’s that support that keeps you coming back for more as well…
“I think the recipe and the key for that mentality is the fact that we’re excited about our music still to this day. It’s for different reasons though. Before our first record our whole idea was, ‘We’re five dorky kids, this might get us a girlfriend’. The second record was, ‘We’ve not been able to tour overseas so maybe this record can help us do that’. The third record was when you could hear the progression and evolution of our sound, and the fourth and the fifth and sixth. Now we’re releasing singles from what will become our seventh and what makes us excited is that our kids are going to grow up one day and be able to watch us from the side of the stage and say, ‘That’s my dad’. Now we’re writing songs thinking about being able to provide for our families but also shows our kids that you can do whatever you want and follow your dreams. We’re proof that can happen.”

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