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WATCH: Waterparks’ Educational Pop-Up Video For ‘Lowkey As Hell’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 16 December 2020 at 13.21

Lots of new and absolutely true information here. 

So you know Waterparks' recent video for single 'Lowkey As Hell' It's good isn't it? 

So how on earth do you top that? Well you make the video a pop-up event. 

That's right, the band have added some little factoids for you to enjoy throughout the duration of the Awsten-directed clip, such as 

“Geoff shoved that little kid so hard that she sued him for $17,000,000 which was luckily how much money Geoff had in his bank account.”

“Awsten is a Capricorn. Otto might be too but he didn’t answer the phone when I tried to confirm, so we can’t be sure.”

And “Everyone in Waterparks is over 6 foot tall.”

Get stuck in and learn something below:

The band are set to release 'FANDOM: LIVE IN THE UK' physically this Friday (December 18). You can read right HERE why it is so much more than just a concert film. 

Until then, here they are playing 'WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT' here:


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