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WATCH: Turnstile’s Uniquely Vibrant Tiny Desk Concert

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 5 January 2022 at 13.45

'GLOW ON', but different.

Turnstile took things to a completely new level last year with 'GLOW ON', their most seriously fun offering to date.

And it has seemingly resonated with some new faces and spaces, as the band have been invited to take part in NPR's iconic Tiny Desk Concert.

And because it's Turnstile, you know it's going to be special.

Taking tracks from 'GLOW ON', like the infectious 'Blackout' and joyous 'Mystery', and delivering them through a scuzzy, laid back and jam-like setting, it shows off just how incredible the band's songwriting prowess is. Still as intense and intricate, but completely fresh and forward-thinking, there really is no band quite like them is there?

Get stuck into it below. You won't regret it:


The band also made their national TV debut on Seth Meyers late last year. Here they are absolutely smashing it:

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