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Watch The Word Alive’s Intense New Video

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 6 December 2018 at 11.01

This time, they're really baring their hearts. 

The Word Alive have shared a powerful new video for 'Human'.

It's one of their most emotionally raw songs to date, taken from the album 'Violent Noise' - and features a guest appearance from Sincerely Collins

Give it a watch here:

'Violent Noise' is out now via Fearless.

We spoke to frontman Telle Smith a little while back, to talk about the album. Here's a taster:

It’s the band’s first release since the lineup change, how’s that feeling?
"It’s been awesome actually. A lot of people might not know but me, Tony [Pizzuti] and Zack [Hansen] have written almost every part of every The Word Alive song since day one. It’s always funny when people are like, ‘Oh, it’s never gonna be the same’. We’ve appreciated every member, and every member contributed to the sound and the shaping of the band, but the core of The Word Alive has always been the three of us. We’ve been the leaders of the band, on the songwriting front and otherwise, so it was really easy because it was only three of us in the studio - it was less cooks in the kitchen. Just the whole process of writing and recording the record was a lot more laid back. It was a lot more enjoyable, we got to take our time, more so because we weren’t waiting around for people to decide if they liked or didn’t like something, or, trying to be creative and needing more time. We were kind of just on fire with writing...someone just always had an idea, and we’d try so many different things. We wrote probably over 60 songs so it was really fun to make this record. And now starting to play these songs live, they’re coming to life so much…and I’m very very stoked."

The sound across the album is a lot more diverse than your previous records, where did that come from?
"I think the big thing was we just wanted to create a sound, and a record, that was The Word Alive. Like, if you like these songs, then there’s not necessarily a lot of options for you to listen to something else. We wanted didn’t just want to make a record that sounds like someone else, just to try and keep up with what’s either popular or what people think of the band. We really wanted to carve our own niche into the hard rock/heavy music world and be experimental - try things and have fun, so there were no rules with this record. You can listen to this record as a whole, and you can tell by the way that the track listing is that it really flows well, but you need a little more [flexibility] with the idea of playlists and singles. It’s ok to love these two songs, and not these two songs… you don’t have to listen to the record as a whole to find something special that you love, so that was kind of our mindset - just writing music that we’re fans of, that we want to listen to, that we also want to play live."

Check out the full interview here.

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