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WATCH: The Wonder Years’ Beautifully Sentimental Video For ‘Summer Clothes’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 27 May 2022 at 18.00

People are what make this world so wonderful.

After releasing the song last week, The Wonder Years have now shared a visual for the stunning 'Summer Clothes'. 

And it is something pretty special. 

Centring around a young girl having the most lovely day with two balloon-covered beings, as Dan Campbell walks around with his own set of balloons, it is a video that is actually about everybody else that's in it. 

Drawing attention to themselves and leaving so many around them feeling like they have been a part of something lovely, it is a reminder that it is people that make this world such an incredible place to live. 

At times when things seem hopeless and lost, making somebody smile is the most powerful thing you can do. 

We're all connected by one thing, and that is the want to be happy.

Soupy had this to say about what the song represents for him:

"it's a love letter to a time when your sadness was most conspicuous by its momentary absence, when the low hum quieted enough for you to realise it was nearly gone, when you did stupid, dangerous shit because, well, why not?"

Here it is, it really is beautiful:

The track follows on from 'Oldest Daughter', which sounds a lot like this:

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