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Watch The New Canadian Softball (Jarrod Alonge) Video

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 17 July 2017 at 16.37

"A phase is a phase, but you're stuck in a maze..."

Remember Canadian Softball, the (very) tongue in cheek emo project from Jarrod Alonge?

Well, they've got a whole album on the way, called 'Awkward And Depressed'.

It's released July 28, and you can check out the first video from it, for 'Your Validation', right here:

So, so deep. 

Here's the 'Awkward And Depressed' tracklisting:

01. Average Joe
02. Your Validation
03. Mathematical
04. Great Again
05. Mumble
06. Lysergide
07. Seven (Sunny Day Real Estate cover)
08. Peev Shalpatine
09. Weebi Fm
10. Cut the Cord (featuring Hotel Books)
11. United We Skramz
12. Ohio Is for Emo Kids
13. Pink Wednesday

And the cover:

Here's a little known classic. 

*tugs at shirt*

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