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WATCH: The Maine’s Very Special Livesteam Concert ‘XOXO, From The Maine’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 22 March 2021 at 11.43

It's good to hear them live again.

Last week was a very busy one for The Maine

First off they released a brand new single called 'Sticky'. 

Then they announced that it would be appearing on a new album called 'XOXO: From Love And Anxiety In Real Time'. 

They then rounded it off with a livestream, free to watch, where they debuted the song and played a whole host of classics including 'Am I Pretty?', 'Numb Without You' and 'Into Your Arms'.

That livestream is ready and waiting for you to catch up with below, and is a beautiful, vibrant and energetic display of everything that makes The Maine such a special band. 

Here we go:

'XOXO: From Love And Anxiety In Real Time' is set for release on July 09 via Photo Finish Records and the band's 8123 imprint.

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this:

01. Sticky
02. Lips
03. Love In Real Time
04. High Forever
05. April 7th
06. If Your Light Goes Out
07. Pretender
08. Dirty, Pretty, Beautiful
09. Anxiety In Real Time
10. Face Towards The Sun

And here's the colourful video for 'Sticky', as a little extra treat:


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