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WATCH: The Maine, Adam Lazzara & Charlotte Sands Perform ‘Loved You A Little’ Live Together

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 29 March 2022 at 10.58

Just really lovely.

A couple of months ago The Maine released a new song that featured Taking Back Sunday's Adam Lazzara and Charlotte Sands called 'Loved You A Little'. It is so effortlessly brilliant. 

And now The Maine are on tour with Charlotte Sands as support and playing the song live every night.

But there was a little extra treat at their show in Charlotte, MC on Sunday. 

Adam Lazzara turned up as well. 

And the three of them absolutely smashed it. 

Here's John O'Callaghan bringing both of them on stage. 

And here is some lovely fan footage of the song in its entirety:

And here's the studio version:

The Maine were also members of the Rock Sound Class of 2021. You can pick up their special magazine and t-shirt WORLDWIDE from HERE

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