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WATCH: The First “Full Band” Live Recording Of Enter Shikari Playing ‘The Dreamer’s Hotel’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 5 June 2020 at 17.38


Enter Shikari
have released footage of them playing their track 'The Dreamer's Hotel' live as a full band for the first time. 

It was recorded for Russia' Snob Project and is of course brilliant. 

Check it out below:

If you want a little bit more, here's the band performing 'Satellites' for Sunday Brunch the other week:

Oh, and here's their brilliant video for 'The Great Unknown', made alongside POLYGON:

All three tracks appear on the band's latest album 'Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible' which is out now via SO Recordings. 

We spoke to frontman Rou Reynolds all about the record in a recent issue of Rock Sound. 

In this snippet, Rou reflects on how important it is for the band's music to reflect what's actually happening in the world...

“Life is incredibly daunting, but at the same time we have the potential to fix all of the global crisis that we’re experiencing. There are all of these mammoth fears, but history shows us that human ingenuity at times of necessity is incredible.”

“I somehow remain optimistic but I’ve never wanted to just put out an optimistic album that’s just hope for hope’s sake.

I want to show realism. I want to show the detail of the fear and the dread that I think we are all feeling. I think that’s really important for Shikari. We should be the ones holding up a mirror and showing off what is actually happening in society."

He later commented on how important it feels to releasing music in a time such as the one we are all living through now...

“I feel like the best analogy is that life is this huge building site.

“It’s noisy and it’s dangerous, and art is the hardhat that we put on. It’s an extra layer of protection and it helps us to understand what’s going on and feel a bit more comfortable in the world. I think that people need music now more than ever and I think the four of us need something to focus on just as much."

This is just a snippet of what to expect from the feature. You can read the full thing in Knuckle Puck's issue of Rock Sound. Get yours from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV




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