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WATCH: The Final Episode of ‘Stay Home With YUNGBLUD’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 19 May 2020 at 13.03

It's been an emotional ride.

For the last four weeks we've followed YUNGBLUD's time in isolation thanks to a special YouTube Originals series. 

Well now we're at the final episode and it's a rather emotional watch. 

From speaking to his touring crew and producer Matt Schwartz to doing a bit of cooking and going full meta and watching the premiere of Episode One of 'Stay Home With YUNGBLUD' himself, it's another amazing insight into the heart and mind of Dom. There's also a bit more of 'The Lonely And The Broken' for you to listen to.

Have a watch below:

We recently spoke to YUNGBLUD about his time in quarantine, his new single 'Weird!' and upcoming new album. You can read the full piece HERE, but here's a little snippet:

How has it been for you, someone who loves being out there and interacting with people, being stuck in one place for such a substantial amount of time?
“It’s been a bit of mad really. You either find solidarity in it or you go fucking barmy. I miss home a lot. LA is beautiful and amazing but it can be so fucking draining. There’s still this Hollywood persona to it, even when you’re stuck in your house. I miss chips and salt and vinegar and pints and HP Sauce and tea and The Hawley Arms. Those are the things that make me feel like me.

“Though when everything started to get cancelled, and almost everything started crumbling from underneath us, I remember saying to myself that I’m not going to let my ability to connect to my fans go away. That’s how I get through hard times.

“So I called my manager up and said that I wanted to do a livestream. I wanted to be the first one to do it. So without thinking we put a poster together and announced it on the Internet without knowing exactly what it was going to be. My fan base just blew it the fuck up from there. It was trending on Twitter. So from an idea that started in my bedroom, I then put together this punk-rock Jimmy Fallon in 72 hours.”

To have something like The Yungblud Show and then have a song like ‘Weird!’ come out, and then have what it represents resonate with so many, it’s feels like you’ve never been closer to people despite being so far away. How has it been watching that piece of music, that seemingly came from such a dark time, give people such hope in this one?
“Dude, it’s crazy. I wrote that song about the weirdest time of my life. It felt like I was trying to catch smoke in vertigo. It felt like I was trying to grab something that felt familiar but it was just slipping through my hands. I couldn’t grab on to anything because the world was changing around me.

“The song was supposed to come out later in the year, but then all of this happened. That’s when I said ‘Nah, this needs to come out right now’. Everybody feels like they’re in that moment of vertigo trying to grab on to something that’s familiar. But if we remain together, not just as the fan base but as humanity, then we’re all going to get through this weird fucking time of life.”

How does it feel knowing that such a moment of vulnerability for you will define such a different moment in time for so many people?
“The thing is that I’m a product of my insecurities. I turn my insecurity and my anxiety and my pain into something positive because I’ve figured out that if I do that, it will hurt less. It’s all about finding solidarity in an idea that's going to make you float rather pull you under the water.”

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