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WATCH: The Devil Wears Prada’s Intense Video For ‘The Thread’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 September 2020 at 11.52

One of the highlights of last year's 'The Act' now has a fitting visual. 

The Devil Wears Prada have released a video for their track 'The Thread'. 

Taken from last year's intriguing record 'The Act', the visual is as intense, unpredictable and discomforting as the track itself. 

Have a watch for yourself below:

'The Act' is out now via Solid State Records. Here's 'Chemical':

We spoke to frontman Mike Hranica around the album's release. You can read the full interview HERE but here's a little snippet:

What did you want ‘The Act’ to represent then? You mention how it links in with your interpretation of Hell, yet still feels rather open-ended?
"The record cover, which I worked with Dan Seagrave to create, is an interpretation of Hell. I think Hell plays a huge part within the record, and is synonymous with degradation. In terms of my contribution to the record, I definitely wanted to create something that was open ended. Conceptually Hell is entirely open-ended and interpretive. We started this band as some youth group kids going ‘Let’s spread the word of God as we are Christians’ - now we are half a lifetime later, and we have different thoughts and sets of beliefs within each member. What Hell is to even us is rapidly contrasted to each other - for me, even as a Christian, I don’t believe in a Heaven or Hell. The songs are obviously very specific, and we wanted to really dig into each theme, especially with John critiquing me so much. ‘The Act’ as a title is the part that you can interpret as you see fit. That’s what drew me in - the act can be sex, or a crime, or whatever action or exercise you want. I wanted that involvement between the artist and the listener where when given specific songs, the listener mold it as they please."

It’s so interesting to be in a position where songs are so specific yet are still completely open for that interpretation. It makes the experience different for every single person who listens…
"For sure - participation is the word I was looking for. ‘Please Say No’ is my favourite song from the album and is 100% derivative from a scene within a novel. It’s not about anything but that. It openly speaks to wealth disparity, but the song is based off this very specific scene. When we released it and people were wondering what exactly it meant, they were going all over the place. For the first time in my life, and definitely for the first time in Prada, I felt ok to open that door. ‘Chemical’ is another example - that song speaks about mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, but can attach to whatever you want as a listener. I’m not sure that door has ever been as open as it is right now."

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