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Watch Slipknot’s Full Rock Am Ring Set Here

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 10 June 2019 at 10.32

95 minutes of full brutality.

Slipknot are well and truly BACK having just performed their first full set since 2016 over the weekend.

Last month Slipknot made their first live appearance of the new era on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, performing new singles 'Unsainted' and 'All Out Life'. But on Friday they performed their first full set of the 'We Are Not Your Kind' era.

For those not lucky enough to be at Rockfest, Rock Im Park or Rock Am Ring over the weekend, you don't have to miss out! Slipknot streamed their set last night at Rock Am Ring, live from Nürburg in Germany - and it's available to watch now.

The 9 ripped through 17 tracks during their 95-minute set, kicking off proceedings with 'People = Shit', and ending on a double encore of 'Spit It Out' and 'Surfacing'.

Basically, it was excellent. 

Check out Slipknot's full Rock Am Ring performance below:

If that doesn't make you excited for their set at Download this weekend, nothing will.

Check out the full setlist (with timestamps) below:

01. 'People = Shit' (5:00)
02. '(sic)' (8:50)
03. 'Get This' (12:35)
04. 'Unsainted' (17:20)
05. 'Disasterpiece' (21:35)
06. 'Before I Forget' (26:45)
07. 'The Heretic Anthem' (32:35)
08. 'Psychosocial' (36:20)
09. 'The Devil In I' (40:35)
10. 'Prosthetics' (48:30)
11. 'Vermilion' (53:30)
12. 'Custer' (1:00:45)
13. 'Sulfur' (1:04:40)
14. 'All Out Life' (1:10:55)
15. 'Duality' (1:16:40)


16. 'Spit It Out' (1:22:43)
17. 'Surfacing' (1:34:15)


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