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WATCH: Press To MECO’s Thought-Provoking Video For ‘A Test Of Our Resolve’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 20 July 2021 at 13.11

Another stunning visual to add to the 'Transmute' collection.

After previously dropping the track, Press To MECO have now shared a visual for 'A Test Of Our Resolve'.

Showcasing the mundanity of every day, from going to the gym and to work to watching the TV and checking your phone, the video perfectly matches the track's spiky nature and core message.

Drummer Lewis Williams had this to say about the tune's meaning:

"A Test Of Our Resolve questions the human race’s ability to solve some of the problems it will face. With an ever-growing population and technology advancing quicker than we can adapt, it ponders our future and how we might not create the idealistic world we dream of. Instead, for better or worse, it might be the artificial things we create, that outlast us and carry our legacy on. Also, there’s a parallel theme of us as a band feeling worn out and jaded towards the music industry and pursuing a career as a band, and not knowing if we have the energy to keep living such an unstable lifestyle and the issues that come along with it."

Here we go then:

'The track is set to appear on the band's upcoming album 'Transmute', which is set for release on August 20 via Marshall Records.

It will also feature 'Gold':

And 'Another Day':

We chatted to the band all about the album recently, which you can catch up with below:


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