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WATCH: Polaris’ Beautifully Cinematic Video For ‘Vagabond’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 7 April 2021 at 11.40

No other band is doing it quite like Polaris.

Last year Polaris released their stunning second album 'The Death Of Me' via SharpTone Records. 

Go and listen now.

Then come back here and watch the video for 'Vagabond' that the band have just dropped, which perfectly captures their ambition and scope in a truly incredible way. 

Set in some gorgeous locations and cinematically joyous to watch, it's an incredible accompaniment to an utterly epic song.

Vocalist/bassist Jake Steinhauser had this to say about what the inspiration behind the clip was:

"This video has been a long time in the making, and is probably the most ambitious visual project we’ve ever worked on. When we first considered doing a video for Vagabond we knew that the vibrant sunny attitude of the song’s chorus was something we wanted to reflect in the visuals - something a lot brighter than what we’d normally go for. The name of the song and the sound of the intro guitar motif had always inspired desert imagery for us so we began the concept focusing more on the visual ideas we wanted to accomplish, with the narrative then forming naturally around those images and elements of the song’s lyrics.
"With the initial idea for the video having been conceived in early 2020 there was also a desire to show off the beautiful Australian landscape we’re lucky enough to call our backyard - a landscape that had recently been ravaged by a very long and intense bushfire season. Over the months that followed, a series of lockdowns, interstate travel restrictions, and wild weather conditions all created complications for us. But between us and our friends Kez Ellis-Jones and Chris Elder, who worked on the video with us, we adapted and kept pushing ahead because we were all determined to see it brought to life. We had a lot of fun getting heavily into the concept with the outfits we put together to create our own little post-apocalyptic cinematic world."

Drummer Daniel Furnari adds this, describing the filming of the video's conclusion:

"Getting to film that big “desert-rave” scene that closes out the video was so special. Something that we felt had been missing from ours and so many peoples’ lives over the last year was the ability to get together with a large group of people and just celebrate life through music and dancing and self-expression. That search for a sense of community and togetherness not only became the driving force for the characters in the video’s narrative, but also allowed us to do something that temporarily filled that void in real life for a night! And the best thing was that we could see that all the friends who jumped on board to be extras had been really craving that too, and I think that’s why so many of them were willing to get around the idea, put together wild costumes for themselves and and trek into the dunes at night - they had missed it as much as we had, and there was a really exciting energy in the air because of that.

So much planning and crazy logistics went into that scene and there were so many points where we thought we wouldn’t be able to pull it off. When night fell and we were about to start shooting, we finally turned around and saw the location lit up and filled with all these people in these amazing colourful outfits and we couldn’t believe our eyes!"

So get comfy and get lost in this:

It may be the most ambitious video that the band have put together, but it joins some other incredible visuals from this album campaign.

Here's the dramatic 'Landmine':

And the colourful 'Hypermania':

The band are set to headline the Never Say Die tour this Autumn alongside Emmure, Currents, Spite, Invent Animate, Gravemind and Stepson.


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