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WATCH: Pendulum’s Incredible Set From The Roof Of Spitbank Fort

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 2 October 2020 at 20.00

Now this is how you make a set special. 

have released a special livestream that puts everybody else to shame. 

The band, more specifically Rob Swire on vocals, Gareth McGrillen on decks and Peredur Ap Gwynedd on live guitar, have performed on the roof of Spitbank Fort, an armour plated ex-military fort hidden away in the English Channel.

Lights, bangers, incredible views. What more could you possibly want?

Check it out below:

We chatted to Rob and Gareth recently all about the band's first new music in ten years and everything in between. You can read the full interview HERE but here's a little snippet:

First off, how did you first set about returning to playing music as Pendulum?
Gareth: “Basically we were coerced into coming back. We had always wanted to come back but the thing was that the right situation hadn’t really popped up and we were deep into Knife Party. We just did have chance to properly consider it. Then it was Adam [Russakoff] from Ultra, the big cheese that runs the Ultra Music Festivals, who approached us. We were sitting backstage at one of his shows in Mexico, doing some prep and waiting to go onstage, and the door burst open and he came in, closed the door, locked it and said, ‘Right motherfuckers, what do I need to do for you to bring Pendulum back?’”

Rob: “I didn’t really want to do it because we were obviously touring with Knife Party. Doing that is quite easy and it’s also less fucking expensive. No freights, no guitar cases, no nothing. I don’t know what guitarists have in their cases but they weigh a fucking tonne. It was also going to be this whole process where we hadn’t played in years either. When we played with Pendulum, technologically it was fucking hard. We had 15 computers and all these machines on stage doing fuck knows what and they would crash all the time.

“So Adam was saying all of this stuff, trying to get us to bring Pendulum back to play in Miami. So I said that I wanted to headline the festival, on the main stage, with Pendulum and Knife Party back to back and a helicopter and all this stuff. I just kept on listing all this stuff. ‘And a jade egg’ kind of thing. And he said, ‘Done’. I didn’t expect him to say yes so quickly though. So from there we had to made it happen.”

Gareth: “Then when we started looking into it, thank fuck technology had moved forwards since the last time we did it. It’s still difficult but it’s an awful lot easier than it was.”

How did you then go about approaching making new music? What was the thought process like for that?
Rob: “I think we twisted ourselves in knots a little bit initially. We have been gone for ten years, so what the fuck does that sound like now? First of all, what does Pendulum actually sound like, because we can’t remember? And we’re ten years older and drum and bass has always been a little bit of a love/hate thing for us. Pendulum is from that scene and we still listen to some of that stuff, but after three or four tracks even we are like, ‘Oh god, shut up’. It all boiled down to actually figuring out what it sounds like and then completely ignoring that and doing whatever the fuck we actually wanted. At some point I just thought, ‘You know what Pendulum sounds like? It sounds exactly like whatever we get out of bed and decide we want to do’. If we do that, it will sound like Pendulum. And luckily it did.”

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