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WATCH: North Atlas’ Intensely Sensory Visual Accompaniment To Their Track ‘Rain Check’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 1 December 2021 at 21.57

The band's new EP 'A Weight for the Heavy Handed' is out now.

North Atlas
have just released their new EP 'A Weight for the Heavy Handed', and it's a proper mutli-faceted treat.

One of the tracks it features is 'Rain Check', a pulsating and powerful piece of head-mangling alt-rock brilliance. 

And such a track needs a suitable video, which they have provided. 

Shapes shift around Leon D. Hunter and lurch from the darkness as his deep and dark tones fill the eardrum. It's a perfect summation of everything that the band have attempted on this atmospheric outing, and lines up 2022 very nicely indeed.

Here we go:

And as a bit of an extra treat, here's 'Ire':

And 'Midnight Sun':

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