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WATCH: Neck Deep’s Heartwarming Fan-Led Video For ‘When You Know’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 14 April 2020 at 09.28

There are a few familiar faces in there as well!

Neck Deep
have released a video for their new single 'When You Know'.

It's made up of clips sent in by the band's fans after they were asked to record a 10-15 second clip of them holding up a lyric from the song written on a piece of paper. They were also encouraged to let the creativity flow. 

The result is a heartwarming snapshot of a fanbase coming together as one to bring a beautiful song to life. 

Frontman Ben Barlow had this to say about the track's meaning:

“When You Know is about realising you’re in love. The old saying “when you know, you know” was in my mind with this one.”

“In the timeline of ADAI this is where Jett realises, after a wild night out, and another night talking about how they see the world and realising they share similar feelings, that he is in love with Alice.

“The mutual feeling of not belonging, the difficulties of their day to day lives and battling their inner insecurities, yet now having each other to ease the pain and giving a sense of purpose is the key take-away from this song. It’s a pretty straight up summer love song, but one that’s mega catchy and feel good - a stark contrast to some of the more emotionally heavy songs on the record.”

So, have a watch below:


If you were looking carefully, you'll have spotted all of State Champs, Simple Plan's Pierre Bouvier, Silverstein's Shane Told, ROAM's Alex Costello and of course all of Neck Deep playing their part as well.

The song is set to appear on the band's upcoming new album 'All Distortions Are Intentional' which is set for release on July 24 via Hopeless Records. 

Here's first single 'Lowlife':

In other Neck Deep news, over the weekend guitarist Matt West streamed himself attempting to complete the remake of Final Fantasy VII in one sitting to help raise money for their road crew. He ended up playing for 35 hours straight and raised £4575. An absolutely monolithic effort. 

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