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WATCH: Mike Shinoda Produce Fan’s Music Live On His Twitch Channel

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 21 January 2021 at 11.20


A couple of weeks back Mike Shinoda revealed that he is taking his Twitch stream to the next level by offering to produce fan's music live. 

This is what he had to say about how he wanted to do it:

"For 2021, I wanted to find a way to give back to my amazing community online. I’m looking for vocalists, rappers, and songwriters who need help getting to the next level. If I find someone great, I’ll produce their track, live on my Twitch channel. There’s no formal contest, just an intention. The fans on Twitch will help me find the right vocalists. my only “rules” are 1.) I’m not doing vocals, 2.) I’d like the artist to only contribute vocals and one instrument, nothing filled-out, just the “song,” and 3.) no back-seat producing, the track has to be in my hands until I feel like I’m done."

By asking the community to suggest who he should be working on, there are now a series of the streams available on his YouTube now. 

Here he is piecing together 'BONES' By Alex McMillan:

And here he is working on 'Bittersweet' by Chris Kelly:

This is a daily occurrence as well, which you can keep up to date with on Mike's Twitch right HERE

And don't forget about the three 'Dropped Frames' records that Mike made last year.

Here's 'Open Door' from the first edition, and the only track to feature vocals:

We chatted to Mike via Video Call around this track's release. You can catch up with that below:


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