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WATCH: LASTELLE’s Dark Video For Their Gorgeous New Track ‘A Letter Unread’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 26 February 2021 at 13.42

The band's new EP 'Delicate' is out now.

LASTELLE have today dropped their brand new EP ‘Delicate’ via Year Of The Rat Records.

An emotional tour-de-force of a record that grips the throat and squeezes as much as it holds and caresses, it’s a testament to the band’s songwriting and storytelling ability in just how utterly affecting it is.

Bassist Freddie Whatmore had this to say about what the record ultimately represents for them.

"These songs are our own reflections of our personal struggles with love and loss. As someone who struggles to find a way to express these deep emotions, I use this band as a way of releasing this in a healthy and creative way. A few years ago, I lost my uncle to cancer. He was one of biggest inspirations and my gateway to music, as a guitarist himself. These feelings won't ever go away, but having this band to be a cathartic output has helped massively. That is what the song "Departure" is about; accepting death and knowing to appreciate what you had, not what is lost. 

"Throughout the EP we explore the intricacies of what it means to lose someone, and the emotional journey that comes with it. The visual representation of the flowers being taken out of its natural habitat and taped to the walls signifies the fragility and delicate nature of life. As they wilt and die, from new life to death, from purity to passion, flowers ultimately represent the swift passage from life into death"

To celebrate the EP, the band have released a dark and beautiful video for the closing track ‘A Letter Unread’, just one of the many gorgeous compositions found on here.

Ebbing and flowing with smatterings of keys and strings before battering you into submission with gorgeous post-metal swells and gripping emotional refrains, it’s quite the epic.

Check it out here:


The band have released videos for all of the tracks on the record. Here they are:

'Distant Bodies':

'Only Apathy': 

'Coping Without A Cure':



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